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About the Programme

E-Health and Social Care is delivering a programme of improvement for the Health and Social Services in Northern Ireland. It is about supporting change in the way the HSC delivers its services to patients and service users for the better by making the best use of information and communication technologies. E-Health and Social Care is more than simply giving people access to new computer systems. It also includes procuring, developing and implementing new integrated ICT infrastructure and systems for all HSC organisations, such as the secure HSC network and regional data centres, to support a modern, more efficient health service for the 21st century.

The Programme is working towards three strategic goals:

  • Electronic Care Records containing the information and images generated from patient/client contacts
  • Electronic Care Communications enabling fast, secure exchange of information between care professionals within and between the various HSC organisations and
  • Electronic Information providing patients, service users and care professionals with details of best practice and up-to-date information for making decisions about diagnosis, treatment and the services available

Our Projects

The E-Health and Social Care programme oversees a number of projects being delivered regionally by BSO ITS and in the HSC Trusts. We will be adding more information about these over the coming weeks and months as we develop this website.